Hire Equipment

Newarc offers a comprehensive range of welding equipment and accessories for hire.

We provide long-term and short-term rentals to welders worldwide, in all industrial environments, on land and offshore. Our rates are highly competitive, with exceptional cost savings over the long term.

Full Service

We make the entire process easy so you can get on with your business as quickly as possible.

Our approach includes in-house or on-site consulting by experienced technicians to assess your specific needs and organise a selection of equipment that’s ideal for your project. We can also coordinate transport to any location - including all necessary customs or regulatory documentation.

Latest Technology

A significant benefit of renting versus buying welding equipment is that you can always access the most advanced tools - without the cost or logistical issues of maintaining an aging inventory of your own.

Newarc even provides technology upgrades during the long term rental contracts so our customers will have every possible advantage available to them on site.

Continual Support

Newarc inverters are serviced on a regular basis to the highest standards by our expert technicians and we are always on standby for your on-site requirements.

Please call +44 191 295 0111 for hire prices.

Water Cooled MIG Machine