Services & Support

Newarc are with you for the full lifecycle of your welding and fume-extraction equipment.

Our dedicated service department is staffed by a team of highly experienced service technicians, who perform testing and maintenance, and provide warranty-support, repairs, servicing and calibrations on the full Newarc range - both at our locations and on-site at your premises.

This uniquely integrated offering - from design and manufacture, through to aftersales care and preventative maintenance - is one of the key features that make Newarc the reliable, robust British welding equipment provider you can trust.

Please call +44 191 295 0111 for further details and assistance.

Viper 2500S Welding

Arc Equipment Validation / Calibration

For your compliance audit records and peace of mind, our nationwide field-based team of technicians provide an on-site welding machine validation service to EN 60974-14, resulting in a detailed report for each unit.

Each machine is inspected, vacuumed, electronically checked, weld-tested and validated at a range of output settings. The pass or failure status, together with results and observations, are reported and / or certified, and documentation is provided to you within 1 week.

Compressed Gas Equipment Inspection

Compressed-gas welding and cutting equipment should be maintained and used to an acceptable standard and tested annually by competent persons, to ensure you uphold your duty-of-care and remain compliant with the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations.

Our national field-based technicians are qualified for gas equipment inspection and offer an annual asset-tagging and testing service for your gas control equipment, hoses, torches and safety valves, to BCGA CP7 procedures.

Gas Equipment

Fume-Extraction COSHH Tests

The COSHH regulations require that all LEV systems, including oil mist, welding fume, smoke and dust extraction units, are subject to a thorough examination and tested every 14 months. It is a requirement for compliance with health and safety standards and test reports often form part of a company's insurance requirement.

Powered by Weldability Sif, Newarc is supported by their Extractability division, whose technicians provide a comprehensive LEV testing service on all makes and types of extraction equipment, working strictly in accordance with HSG258 guidelines on Controlling Airborne Contaminants and conforming to HSE standards.

Air-Quality / Fume-Level Surveys

Extractability also offer monitoring and / or sampling of employee's exposure and background levels of dusts, vapours and fumes. Using appropriate instrumentation and analysis, our surveyors identify hazards and measure the daily exposure levels of a client's welding workforce.

From the data gathered Extractability are able to identify the measures required to eliminate or reduce airborne contaminant risk, control exposure, and protect client employees. Results are analysed and presented to incorporate recommendations of immediate and future actions.

Our service team is also available to speak to for guidance and support. To book your service, or to discuss how best to care for your Newarc equipment, please call +44 191 295 0111 and select the Technical Support menu option.